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Retail in the A-league: factor-a launches a full service offering for Amazon

Hamburg – 15 September 2015. How do I make my brand visible on Amazon? How can I optimise my conditions as a seller, and what’s the trick to getting solid customer reviews? Today, factor-a launches the first ever Germany-based full service offering for product marketing on Amazon and other retail platforms. The agency was founded jointly by by e-commerce entrepreneurs and consultants Adrian Hotz and Markus Fost (FOSTEC Ventures) and was borne out of the successful business and consulting network eTribes run by Alexander Graf and Nils Seebach. The director of factor-a is Janne-Flemming Berngruber, 31, who draws on sound expertise regarding marketplace management for international customers such as Donkey Products. He and the rest of the factor-a founding team published their provocative market study “Knut and the Amazon Tribes” to coincide with the agency’s launch.factor-a_FOSTEC

Director of factor-a, Janne-Flemming Berngruber:

“For brand-name manufacturers, Amazon is not just a retailer – it’s a highly complex ecosystem in which they must learn to exist successfully, just as they do in their own market.” According to industry blog, around a half of all e-commerce profit in Germany (42.8 billion euros, at the IFH Köln’s latest estimate) can be traced back to Amazon in its capacity as a marketplace. The challenge is the same for both manufacturers and smaller retailers: to incorporate Amazon’s complex, ever-expanding mechanisms, instruments, usage scenarios and conditions into a holistic strategy and then utilise them profitably for the marketing of their own products.. This applies for everything from negotiation issues, brand development and sales strategies to analytics and product internationalisation.

Hands-on with Amazon

factor-a’s module-based service is enriched by the knowledge of a network of experts and information gathered from more than 100 consulting projects, including around 50 workshops with a specific focus on Amazon. A first impression of the scope of the venture can be obtained from the German-language market study “Knut and the Amazon Tribes: Why ‘Amazon would never do such a thing’ is not a good basis for an Amazon strategy”. Part of an open series of studies from the eTribes partner network, the study aims to shed light on the changing paradigms of the e-commerce field and uses the legend of Danish king Knut as an allegory for debunking common myths and misconceptions. The study is available to download now at

About factor-a:

Founded in August 2015, factor-a is a full service agency offering independent marketplace management for brand-name manufacturers and retailers on Amazon and other retail platforms. It was borne of the successful business and consulting network eTribes run by Alexander Graf and Nils Seebach and is a joint entrepreneurial venture from e-commerce entrepreneurs and consultants Adrian Hotz and Markus Fost. Their goal was to create a strategic offering for the Amazon-related demand they had experienced over numerous consulting projects, workshops and seminars. Director Janne Berngruber draws on the advice and support of a network of experts for strategic marketplace management on an international level. The company has five permanent employees and is based in Hamburg. Learn more at:

View the press release:

Press release for factor-a GmbH