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Business Breakfast: “Zukunftsmanagement” (“Management for the Future”) on 28 April 2015 at SLOGAN


The future: a topic about which each and every one of us has doubtless formed their own ideas. But we know that not every idea is necessarily a smart or a bold one. When it comes to planning for the future, the trick is to think and act consciously.  SLOGAN’s aim is to achieve clarity regarding where the journey is headed and what facilitates long-term success from the perspective of a medium-sized enterprise. Against this background, Markus Fost of FOSTEC visited SLOGAN to give a lecture on e-commerce strategies for manufacturing companiesFOSTEC is a cooperation partner of SLOGAN and supports companies in the the development of strategies, the formation and operational implementation of online business models and the selection of software and service providers.


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Markus Fost’s German-language lecture can be downloaded here for free.


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