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Guidance on Your Choice of Agency

When it comes to e-commerce / e-business projects, finding the right digital agency for the job isn’t easy. The selection of an e-commerce agency during the strategy phase of a project is not a task that should be taken lightly, since the wrong choice risks your business being bound – sometimes for a period of years – to a (shop) system that does not fit its goals and general set-up. Because e-commerce agencies frequently have preferences for particular shop systems, it is often the case that recommendations are not tailored fully to the circumstances and attributes of  individual businesses. In light of all this, the selection of a unbiased e-commerce adviser for your strategy phase presents a considerable challenge – especially when you consider that such an adviser should also offer comprehensive knowledge of the various interdisciplinary relationships at play between different technical and operational factors.

FOSTEC offers completely unbiased support in the selection of an implementation partner.

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