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E-Commerce Strategy

E-Commerce-Strategieentwicklung für Hersteller Marken und Handel

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With the rapidly increasing use of the internet as an information medium and the large-scale relocation of business activities to online, global e-commerce sales have risen at a swift pace. There can be no doubt that the internet is the sales channel with the current highest growth dynamic – and that it will retain this status for the foreseeable future. This growth rate also pertains to aggressively-priced selling by manufacturers’ commercial partners on online marketplaces, which often occurs in an unregulated manner and – particularly for medium-sized suppliers of branded products – is associated with risks. Accordingly, proprietary online retail is now a much-discussed potential solution for controlled distribution via the Internet. It is also of high relevance for manufacturing companies. In light of the looming global offline-to-online shift in sales channels, businesses across all sectors markets should tailor their online activities to meet the challenges of the future.

FOSTEC advises businesses on the development of an e-commerce / e-business strategy, addressing issues including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Analysis of the entire customer journey
  • How do customers find businesses in the Age of Web 2.0?
  • What requirements must a business fulfil to achieve high sales conversion rates both online and offline (ROPO)?
  • Analysis of the strategic components of an e-commerce strategy according to Fost
    • Product assortment policy
    • Pricing policy
    • Dealing with external e-commerce distribution channels
      • Amazon
      • eBay
      • Others
    • Different types of e-commerce operations
    • IT system landscape
    • Online marketing / Search engine optimisation (SEO) of content
    • Distribution strategy – omnipresent vs. selective
  • Development of an e-commerce / e-business strategy
    • Analysis of the strategic framework conditions
      • Market-based approach
      • Resource-based approach
      • Complementarity of market-based and resource-based approaches
    • Determinants of influence on the strategy model
    • General design of an e-commerce strategy
      • Modular design for ensuring adaptability and future viability
      • Investment planning for determining a budget
      • Technical / organisational requirements for the implementation
    • Refinement of your e-commerce strategy
  • SWOT analysis of the developed e-commerce strategy

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