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Toys & RC Models

On this page, you’ll find a sample of our references from the toys & RC models sector.


Graupner GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1930, GRAUPNER is an innovative, third-generation family firm with a proud sense of tradition. The firm has its headquarters in Kirchheim, Germany and functions as both an importer and a manufacturer. Graupner has its own balsa wood plantation in Equador, where balsa wood is sustainably farmed for worldwide sale via its online shop. In Germany, Graupner distributes products under the brands O.S., Hyper, Weatronic, Dremel and JR Fernsteuerungen and is considered a pioneer of technical innovations in the remote control equipment sector. Model building (in all its varieties) provides fascination and enjoyment to devotees of all ages worldwide, and this enjoyment is a daily source of motivation for Graupner. The company has dedicated itself to the ongoing development of innovative, high-quality products and the continued satisfaction of high customer demands.

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XciteRC Logo

XciteRC Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG

XciteRC Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG was founded in spring 2013 and produces model-building products and toys that are sold via specialist retailers. To enable the company to appeal to a diverse range of target groups, XCite RC products are sold under the sub-brands XciteRC Fun, XciteRC Hobby, XciteRC Professional, XciteRC Military and energyXXL. The company's focus lies on the development and sale of high-quality RC drones and quadrocopters.

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