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Cooperation Partners

Slogan-Logo-FOSTECSLOGAN Advertising Marketing Consulting GmbH
+49 7158 93902-0
Mühlwiesenstraße 32
D-70794 Filderstadt

SLOGAN has 30 years of experience developing strategies and concepts for marketing and sales. We support small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate groups in securing and developing market shares, winning new customers and retaining old ones. All this is done with one key goal in mind: measurably more market success.

eTribes_Logo_fosteceTribes Connect GmbH
Wendenstraße 130
D-20537 Hamburg

eTribes offers direct operational support to companies and corporate groups, with a particular focus on the individual challenges faced by companies as a result of digitalisation. At eTribes, you’ll find pioneering digital entrepreneurs to answer all your most pressing questions. eTribes connects you with leading experts from different branches of industry to solve your operational issues. Markus Fost of FOSTEC Commerce Consultants is a partner of eTribes Connect GmbH.


CEC Connect-eCommerce GmbH
+49-221-292 339 04
Im Mediapark 5
D-50670 Cologne

CEC Connect-eCommerce is not just another recruitment agency; instead, it’s a network of professional e-commerce practitioners. We approach recruitment in a pragmatic, solution-oriented way – the key qualities customers value in our services. Markus Fost is a partner of CEC Connect-eCommerce. CEC Connect-eCommerce stands for quick, risk-free and uncomplicated e-commerce recruiting, made possible by a strong network of experts:

  • Quick: feedback within seven days
  • Risk-free: payment only in the event of success
  • Uncomplicated: direct contact with candidates

Theresienstr. 74a
D-50931 Cologne

Adrian Hotz helps companies develop strategies, form e-commerce departments and execute the operational implementation of concepts and ideas. His services include shop optimisation (particularly with regard to personalisation) and assisting companies with their choice of software and service provider. He is the founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce Consulting, the creator of, an e-commerce speaker and organiser of the event

Shoplupe-FOSTECShoplupe GmbH
Fraunhofer Straße 5
D-83714 Miesbach

Shoplupe GmbH is a consulting firm for usability and branding in e-commerce. Drawing on long-standing experience and focusing on user-friendliness as a key success factor, Shoplupe advises shop operators on the conceptual enhancement of their online shops. Aided by a healthy dose of common sense and good judgement, Shoplupe offers realistic, practice-oriented advice to shop operators facing challenges. Its customer base includes leading mail order companies, professional niche shops, online stores from the publishing and industrial sectors, specialist retailers and famous brand name stores.

deepr Logo

deepr GbR Communications Agency
Kornbergstraße 44
D-70176 Stuttgart

deepr is the agency responsible for FOSTEC’s communications. Though the Stuttgart-based agency is specialised in digital projects, it offers a complete spectrum of services including print media. Since its inception, FOSTEC has been collaborating successfully with deepr’s team of young communication professionals, creative designers and skilled digital specialists.