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E-Commerce-Strategien für produzierende Unternehmen (“E-Commerce Strategies for Manufacturing Companies”)

ISBN: 978-3658049874

Markus Fost, Springer Gabler Verlag

Markus Fost systematically compiles relevant, up-to-date knowledge on e-commerce and tailors it for use in practice. His insights are aimed at business leaders and managers from a diverse range of disciplines (sales, marketing, business development etc.). A particular focus is placed on manufacturing companies whose trade structure is currently of a predominantly stationary nature. Using qualitative interviews with experts, Fost develops a multidimensional e-commerce strategy model from which manufacturing companies can derive their retail policies.

Praise for the Book

“It seems likely that the next big topic in business will be the professionalisation and expansion of B2BE commerce. As such, Fost’s addressing of the topic “e-commerce strategies for manufacturing companies” taps fully into current trends and provides an excellent summary of ongoing discussions in academia and practice.” – Prof. Dr. Gerrit Heinemann, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences

“Markus Fost offers a highly competent discussion of online strategies for manufacturers and explains in detail how manufacturers can succeed in e-commerce without endangering long-standing  business contacts. A very worthwhile piece of reading for anyone seeking to develop an e-commerce strategy for a manufacturer!” — Prof. Dr. Dirk Morschett, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

“More and more manufacturing companies are recognising the potential of e-commerce. However, a company must often rethink its strategic focus in order to be able to benefit from the e-commerce trend. This book is a highly beneficial read for anyone seeking to do so.“ — Dr. Georg Wittmann, ibi research at the University of Regensburg GmbH

“For brands, the future of e-commerce means adapting actively to changes in the retail landscape and establishing the online store as a digital flagship store for sales, product information and communication. This book provides exciting answers and insights in this regard.” — Markus Diekmann, Managing Partner at SHOPMACHER eCommerce für Marken GmbH

The Content

  • Principles of and reasons for e-commerce growth
  • Retail structures of manufacturing companies
  • Components, development and modelling of an e-commerce strategy for manufacturing companies
  • Expert interviews with Dr. Gerrit Heinemann, Dr. Dirk Morschett, Dr. Georg Wittmann und Marcus Diekmann