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DCDnet Amazon Trading Strategies – 13 October 2015 in Stuttgart

Amazon Consulting

On 13 October 2015, from 1pm to approx. 5pm, a DCDnet (Digital Commerce Day) on the theme of Amazon Retail Strategies 2015 will take place in Cologne (on the office premises of STARTPLATZ Cologne) with experts Adrian Hotz and Markus Fost. The event will include discussion of the following topics with well-known brand manufacturers:

  • Which Amazon strategy (vendor vs. marketplace) is the right one?
  • Does the Amazon Vine programme make sense from a manufacturer’s perspective?
  • What should manufacturers look out for when negotiating conditions?
  • How can the “cross border problem” be managed to best effect (Amazon sourcing from foreign warehouses)?
  • What benefits do Amazon’s advertising packages (Brandstore…) bring? What does Amazon request in terms of prices?
  • Will wholesalers still be required in the future?
  • How can manufacturers develop good partner agreements, and can selective distribution really work?
  • What experiences have companies had with Amazon’s strict controls in well-known case studies?
  • Are there examples of situations where Amazon has placed sanctions?
  • To what extent is Amazon act in the interests of the manufacturer? (EIA vs. price follower mechanisms)

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The event is aimed at manufacturers and will be limited to 12 participants.

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