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Finanzierung und Besteuerung von Start-Up-Unternehmen (“Financing and Taxation of Start-Up Businesses”) | Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-658-01370-7

Dr. Christopher Hahn, Springer-Gabler Verlag

Though many start-up founders have excellent ideas with high innovation capital, they are frequently unable to rely on their own capital or on other resources as collateral for conventional borrowing. Proper financing is thus a basic prerequisite for a start-up to succeed (or, indeed, for a company to exist at all). It forms part of the implementation of an idea and enables and secures the existence of the business and its operational activities. While this practical handbook on start-up and growth financing – which is broken down into the various phases of company development – is aimed primarily at readers in the start-up scene, it also serves as a useful source of concise specialist knowledge for investors, lawyers, business and tax advisers wishing to gain an outline of new financing options (e.g. crowd investing). The book contains numerous overviews and practice-based insights from successful start-up founders including Jan Beckers (HitFox Group) and Fabian and Ferry Heilemann (DailyDeal).


  • Financing principles
  • Capital providers and sources (seed, start-up and expansion stage)
  • Investment negotiations and investment agreements
  • Crowd investing
  • Taxation of start-ups

Target Groups

  • Potential founders
  • Start-up founders and advisers

Praise for the Book

Dr. Christopher Hahn’s book is up-to-the-minute and discusses a comprehensive selection of ways for entrepreneurs to get their start-ups going. After a short introduction to the start-up landscape, the author explores different types of capital providers in detail and describes the characteristics of the individual financing and inception phases. The last three chapters are devoted to the taxation of start-ups. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs give insights into their experience with the financial aspects of entrepreneurship. The book deals with modern forms of financing and is written in an easily comprehensible style. For these reasons, it should, in my opinion, be found on the bookshelf of anyone whose job it is to provide advice to start-up companies.”Markus Fost, MBA, Director of FOSTEC Commerce Consultants