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Amazon Consulting for Manufacturers and Retailers


With more than 173 million active customers and a sales volume of 74.45 bn EUR in  2013, Amazon is, by some distance, the biggest e-commerce retailer in the world. With 25% growth p.a., it continues to expand disproportionately quickly in comparison with the rest of the e-commerce industry (average growth rate of approx. 15%). 30% of consumers begin their product search on Amazon (in comparison to 13% on Google). What’s more, the disruptive potential of Amazon is not just a consumer segment concern: AmazonSupply, a B2B marketpace, is currently undergoing testing in the USA and working up to a rollout in Europe.

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Other German-Language Publications by FOSTEC about Amazon:

E-Commerce Existenzgründung mittels Amazon (“E-Commerce Start-Ups Through Amazon”)

As stationary retail has struggled with years of stagnation,  its rapidly growing online counterpart has continued to mount challenges. There is no doubt that e-commerce has vigorously spurred on the market in recent years and has long to go before reaching its peak, with continued success ensured by growth drivers like M-commerce and changes in consumer behaviour. “What can I do to be successful? How can I reduce my start-up risks without leaving opportunities unexploited?”: These are questions asked by every founder of every new business. Amazon® Marketplace offers a sales channel that is specially intended for founders of retail businesses and can be operated successfully with relatively low investment. This notwithstanding, however, the founding of such a start-up requires very specific know-how. This book supplies comprehensive practical guidance for the successful founding of retail businesses through Amazon® Marketplace. A well-founded reference book with many insider tips.

E-Commerce-Strategien für produzierende Unternehmen (“E-Commerce Strategies for Manufacturing Companies”)

Markus Fost systematically compiles relevant, up-to-date knowledge on e-commerce and tailors it for use in practice. His insights are aimed at business leaders and managers from a diverse range of disciplines (sales, marketing, business development etc.). A particular focus is placed on manufacturing companies whose trade structure is currently of a predominantly stationary nature. Using qualitative interviews with experts, Fost develops a multidimensional e-commerce strategy model from which manufacturing companies can derive their retail policies.

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